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The Wedding of Joshua & Tiffanie

Joshua and Tiffanie lived the kind of love story I adored reading growing up. They found a love that very
few people out there found in their lifetime. They ended up being each other’s first and last love in their life.

After a very-very long, challenging, emotional, enduring good 13 years of being together, they finally tied the knot.

Trust me when I say, the minute they announced their engagement, the first words on everyone’s lips
was “Finally” or “About time!”. Everyone couldn’t be more thrilled to finally being able to see these two
love birds walking down the aisle. Joshua and Tiffanie have been together for a total of 13 years and out
of the 13 years they had spent their entire time apart in a long distance relationship.

They had gone though unimaginable ups and downs throughout the relationship, bearing the obstacles,
figuring their way together but with Christ as their anchor and rock in the middle of their
relationship, all things was possible with faith, love and a whole lot of trust.

When I think of Joshua and Tiffanie’s relationship, it helps reminds me that with trust, with communication,
with compromise, with the willingness of wanting to love in a sacrificial way by putting your partners
needs before yours, every relationship always stands with a fighting chance to actually blossom and
“make it” to the finishing line. It is telling each other that you love them, flaws and all that you are taking
their hand to walk to the end of the journey together and that even with all the flaws in the world within
them, you can’t wait to witness and see what God has in store for the both of you and of His plans.

You can’t wait to see what and how God will mold them to be the man/woman He intends you to be
and you can’t wait to be right by his/her side when it happens to see the finished work.

They also remind me that despite having oceans apart, any issues can be solved as long as there is a
forgiving heart, a trusting heart, a loving heart, a lot of hard work and a willingness to try to make
things right as a team and that distance isn’t even in the equation posing as a setback in the first place.

I admit, when I watched their pre-wedding video as they told us and shared with us of how they met,
fell in love, got through their challenging times when being apart and how they got by and to see all of
their memories flash before my eyes of just how amazing their love grew over the years, I had tears
running down my cheeks. Dramatic, I know. But being the emotional sap I am, I couldn’t help but
loving their love. I couldn’t help but admire and love the persistence and commitment they gave to each other.

Watch their pre-wedding film here:

As I stood and watched Tiffanie walked down the aisle looking so incredibly radiant in her white dress,
I wiped a quiet tear away. (I get REALLY emotionally at weddings). She looked incredible not just
because of her stunning dress, classy hairdo or perfect make up but because she looked so
tremendously blissful. The way she looked at Joshua and gave her promises to him was touching.

The way Joshua looked at her as she walked down the aisle, you could see just how much joy and love
that was bursting from his heart and when he also stood and gaze at her promising his love for her,
nothing else in the room existed for them. We all melted and faded away into a distance for they
only had eyes for each other and they couldn’t wait to start their journey as man and wife and I have
no doubt that they will take on for whatever curve ball that marriage and life throws at them, they will
be able to get by it, with Christ in their marriage and their unfailing commitment and love for one another.

Watch their Highlight below and do prepare some tissues just in case! :)


Thank you Joshua and Tiffanie for trusting my team and I with our craft
and vision to express how we experienced your beautiful day through our work.

I am thankful for the opportunity and I hope you both cherish this little film
(and the rest of the collection!) I enjoyed putting together for the many years to come
and would watch it all over again many years down the road to relive your day!

Wishing you both all the happiness and joy in life! God bless! – Nigel and team


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The Wedding of Kristian & Mellissa

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have my path crossed with Mellissa years ago.  It was through the
blogging sphere that we made our acquaintance and exchange friendly hellos with one another.

Mellissa is never without the biggest and sweet smile on her face whenever I see her at events and our short
conversations are never without a warm hug and a kind word of compliment from her.

I remember clearly that most of our conversations, though short and brief at an event she had always
asked how I was doing and was sincerely interested to know just what I’ve been up to with my life
and I’ve always enjoyed the time I had speaking with her. We kept in touch on social media ever
since despite rarely seeing one another, but we chat quite a bit on our digital platforms.

Despite not knowing Mellissa on a very personal or intimate level, she’s pretty much an open book.
What you see is what you get. You can tell right off the bat the type of person she is.

You’ll know how big and generous her heart is, you’ll also be able to tell how determined and passionate she can
be with her goals and work and that when she sets her mind to something, she doesn’t stop until she achieves it.

I’ve always admired her from afar as I see her successfully progress from various  companies, hearing about her work
experiences and advises whenever we had the chance to chat and catch up
and it also motivates me to never give up on the path that I was on.

Mellissa never gives up. She chases what she believes in and above all, Mellissa believed in love.

She loves ‘LOVE’. The idea of it, the notion of it and she is never pessimistic when it comes to love.

Mellissa searched for it and she knew in the deepest of her heart
that she’ll know the right one when she found it and she found all of it in Kristian.

Most people spend a lifetime searching for the kind of love that Kristian and Mellissa have. The kind of love that knows
no bounds, that breaks all barriers and the kind of love that balances everything out.

Kristian laid eyes on Mellissa and knew how special she was and that there are so much more than meets the eye
and he knew she was special and will be special in his eyes for the rest of his life.

He knew that this was the girl that he was going to keep safe and happy no matter what it takes as
he proudly stood at the altar looking at her with so much love and grace in his eyes.

She ‘gets’ him and he ‘gets’ her and they were so blissful in celebrating the love they had found and
blossomed between them and will now vow to never stop loving each other
and to always stand by each other’s side for whatever comes, better or for worst they
know they can get through anything together as long as they have one another.

Thank you so much Kristian and Mellissa for having us capture and be part of your day!
The team and I wish you both all the happiness, joy and love in life! – Nigel


Enjoy the Highlight below:


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The Wedding of Wei Jin & Jessica

It’s funny how God brings people together. I remember the very first time I ever heard of Jessica.

It was an email that she had send to us and was interested possibly having us for her special day.
We emailed a little back and forth and I didn’t hear from her then after a while. Couple of months later,
there I was seating in my car in Penang, my phone rang and it was Jessica who called all the way from Perth.

What suppose to be a simple phone call turned out to be an hour long and even then, it was hard for
us to stop gabbing enough to say goodbye and to end the call. Needless to say the phone call she made
was to tell us that she wanted Nigel and his team to be engaged for her wedding day and we were more than thrilled about it.

Jessica had booked us a year in advance and in that year, we bonded so very much. We were chatting
with each other on messages practically every week. Sometimes we would have Whatsapp or Facetime
calls and in the span of a year, a friendship was forged with Jessica and Wei Jin with us.

They were even kind and enough to then later on decide to have us film their prewedding film of their
love story in Perth by flying us and accommodating us there! During that time, we spent loads of
time with each other bonding and truly getting to know each other on a way more personal level.

Who would have thought a simple decision for a special event blossom a good friendship out of it?

But enough about how we met. This is about Jessica and Wei Jin’s love story. They met as mere
teenagers back in high school and Wei Jin was completely smitten with Jessica. He was the outgoing
and social butterfly who loved more than knowing new people while Jessica was shy and quiet
and was a complete opposite of Wei Jin. They shared a friendship and through the years, love grew and they fell in love.

It was also mostly a long-distance relationship and when they both shared with
us the hardships and challenges that they faced and had to go through and have made it to the altar
today, it’s so incredibly moving and encouraging and served as a good reminder that once one person
puts their mind and commit together with sacrificial love, anything can work and above all, for them with God’s blessing.

Here’s their prewedding film, made with love, below:

Jessica is the kind of girl that goes beyond the measures in the name of love and friendship.
Once she cares for you, nothing else mattered but you. Even if it means sacrificing her time,
convenience or happiness, she will do what it takes to protect you and show you are loved all the time.
Her amazingly big heart warms people over with her soft-spoken nature and is someone to have as a blessing in your life.

Wei Jin on the other hand, is also exceptionally considerate and thoughtful. He takes care of the
little things that we tend to overlook at times. He’s also very well-mannered and his smiley
disposition makes anybody who had just met him feels welcome. During our stay in Perth and
time spent, Wei Jin always made sure Nigel and I was fed and had enough rest and water to drink.
He was always checking on us to see if we were doing okay.

I think it was such a blessing to have our paths crossed with theirs.

If you had the chance to spend any time together with them, you’ll know just how much they both
adore each other and how much they love each other to bits. They get each other, they understand one
another and most of all they are willing to give up themselves as long as the other party is happy and loved.

If that isn’t the beautiful sacrificial love example I don’t know what is.

Jessica and Wei Jin is my kind of love story I adore reading about in my story books. They tell
the world that it is possible to find, fall in love and marry your best friend.

Someone who will be there for you through all ups and downs, love you the same or even more despite your flaws and
above all, love genuinely and remind each other that despite the odds being in front, love
does indeed conquer all if both parties are willing to put their shields down and just love.

Here’s their Same Day Edit below, with some surprises for the both of them. :) Have a look!

View their Highlight below!


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The Wedding of Edmond & Erica

I had the wonderful opportunity to have gotten to know not just Edmond and Erica but both of
their families on a more personal level. We were given the chance to shoot a pre-wedding video
with all of them and I got to know them so much more on the shoot date as they welcomed us
warmly into their home, sweetly offered drinks and constantly made sure we were doing alright
and stayed hydrated all the way through. They made us laugh so much and we felt so
comfortable with their presence during the shoot. Check out their pre-wedding video below.

I personally am in love with the delightful story of how Edmond and Erica laid their eyes on each
other for the first time and how they both fell in love.

It was as simple as love at first sight.

It happens you know. So don’t ever say it doesn’t exist. :)

Erica is the kind of girl, every single person on the planet loves and adores. She completely lights
up a room when she walks in. Her sweet smile and warm personality leaves such an incredible
vibe in each person’s life the minute they had their paths crossed with her.

I always enjoyed talking to Erica as she always says the more kind and nicest things to me on
messages and even in person, she never cease to go about her day without a smile.

It’s no surprise that Edmond fell completely in love with her the minute she walked into his
classroom during their college years and he knew, he just knew in his heart that was the girl he
HAD to get to know. That was the girl that was going to make all the difference in his life.

And so he, he romantically did. He copied her phone number from an attendance sheet that they
all had to sign and filled up for the class and contacted her the next day and the rest was history.

Erica couldn’t help opening up her heart to love Edmond and his boyishly good looks with the most
big-hearted and thoughtful persona that Edmond exudes. Edmond absolutely brightens up the
minute he is with Erica or the minute he sees her. There’s no denying just how much love
they have between them and how they are really each other’s best friends when it came to their relationship.

One balanced the other.

One complimented the other.

One completed the other.

Their special day was truly filled with so much joy and love that anybody that was present and was
part of their celebration no doubt felt their bliss. Edmond and Erica’s family was beaming from ear
to ear and they couldn’t be prouder of their two children finding the kind of love that we dream
about, that we read about in books and the kind of love that we know, it’s going to take them through for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a few more video stills from their day with their
Same Day Edit and Highlight right at the bottom of this post.

Have a look!


Here’s their SDE:

And here’s their Highlight featuring more from their reception:

Thanks again so much Edmond and Erica, your families and everyone else for making me feel so
at home together throughout your day. I wish you both all the blessings and happiness in your future together. All the best!


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