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The Wedding of Christopher & Sher-Lynn

Chris and Sher-Lynn’s wedding day is certainly one of the hardest blog post I’ve had to write for a while. Not because there was a lack of words to depict them and their special day, it is because there were just so much to say that I was struggling to find the right words that […]


The Wedding of Joshua & Katrina

It’s true what they say when we were younger, we dream of the perfect partner, the dream wedding and above all a beautiful happily ever after. It was all around us and there was no way of avoiding it. They were in cards, presents, magnets, story books, cartoons, movies, songs, greetings and so many more. […]


The Wedding of Justin & Kelly

When I was growing up, my mom used to always tell me that what matters most is having inner beauty and to always-always treat people with respect and to treat people right. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy; inner beauty should and can be found in every single person and […]


The Wedding of Jin Ern & Sarah

The minute I shook hands and said hello to Jin Ern and Sarah on a early Saturday morning (one of the rare Saturdays that Nigel and his team wasn’t shooting a wedding) I felt immediately at ease as we pulled our chairs closer to the table and had a seat and began ordering our breakfast. […]