OldTown White Coffee Malaysia // #GoodTimes

by Nigel Sia

It was my very first time working together on a video project with OldTown White Coffee
and I was psyched especially after hearing about the video brief.

You see, OldTown White Coffee recently had a competition going on for their Facebook page that they
were giving a free trip to Mauritius for 2 to anyone who submits an entry of
what they think was one of their best memories of them having a good time.

A mother of 3 children took home the gold with her touching story of how she and her mom used to get
together to bake a type of pastry while she was younger and how she introduced
the same tradition to her children to be carried on for future generations!

I read her entry and was immediately taken with her story and I was given the opportunity
to bring that memory visually for her and her family as a keepsake and also for OldTown that depicted a good time moment.

The shoot started out in the morning and the schedule was tight due to reasons that
the winner had to be finished to send her son to school before 12 noon so
we had to make sure we get everything done and right and as fast as we could.

Thank goodness for good weather (despite it was a rather sweltering) everything went smoothly.
There were barely any re-takes for most of the scenes and the children were
excited to be part of it and were energetic throughout the shoot giving no trouble at all.

It was also an eye-opening experience for me to learn something new about my culture as
I never grew up making or knowing such delicacies from my own culture. I understood further just how important
this tradition was to this family and it was indeed endearing to watch them make the Ji Dan Gao and cheer loudly
when it was all ready to be eaten. They were asked to act, but frankly they didn’t need too as they were complete naturals.

Make sure you take a moment of your time to play the video because trust me,
I am sure it’ll make you feel all fuzzy inside and want to immediately go home and spend time with your family.

I know I did.


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