AUGUSTMAN, Carefree and Kronenbourg 1664

by Nigel Sia

Just a short update on events I shot or edited from last year. Didn’t manage to post them up – so here’s a look!

Here’s a launch montage that I had the opportunity to work on for AUGUSTMAN:

Aubry and his wife at the photo wall of the Men Of The Year event. He was one of the featured ‘Men’ for 2011.

Here’s the magazine’s editor, Rubin (and team) who hosted an awesome party that night. Thanks for everything man!

Loved the venue and it’s big white walls!

Here’s what went down that night, shot by Ren and Stanley and put together by myself:

I also shot and edited two other events in December – it was a super busy month!

The Carefree Pink Party with Scha Alyahya:

and Kronenbourg 1664’s L’APERITIF FASHION Launch¬†:

Till my next update, have a great weekend ahead!


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