Nigel and team

Your video was so well done that I am still getting compliments from our guests on it! You understood our concept perfectly and weaved it so seamlessly into our morning SDE. Everyone left that night with such happy memories of the reception because you so aptly captured and presented the essence of En Ruey and I. I am so so glad I did not watch the video beforehand and spoiled the surprise for myself. I am sure you got alot of candid reactions from the both of us. ;)

– Jas Min (March 2014)

Dear Nigel,

Thank you for such a special gift. I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly touched I am with how you have told our story. Thank you for honouring our special people, J and I absolutely fell apart when it cut from our quote to our memory table. It was done so subtly but beautifully, thank you. There are so so many other favourites and highlights (!!) and you know I would tell you all of them but the gist of it is just AHHHH!!! The verdict? We laughed and cried and grinned bigger than our faces could contain and our hearts exploded a million times.

– Racheal Kwacz (August 2013)

It started out of a crazy idea, to a fun filled video of our favorite song! Nigel is very dedicated and focused in what he does best. He made sure that we to take a little takes as possible to get everything just right. It was a very eventful day making the video, both sun and rain!

– Joanna

Thank you Nigel Sia and team for the video, it was beyond perfect! I really thank God for letting our paths cross, allowing us to build our friendship together. Absolutely love how all smiles, laughter and some awkwardness were naturally captured, especially the moments with parents of both Bride and Groom! Looking forward to be able to watch the rest of the videos and relive all those special moments on replay. Once again, a million thanks to our talented friends!

– Ryan & Joanna (December 2013)

Dude, stay awesome and know that your hard work makes lots of people smile everyday, OK? I promise to guard the video well so that I can pass it on to my future offspring and so forth.p/s – We played your 4-minute wedding video clip at the Penang wedding and it ended with a standing ovation. Just ’cause it was that bad ass. Dude.

Jeffrey Goh & Pam

A wonderful recollection of memories of a beautiful couple, with beautiful hearts in a wedding filled with joy, love and warm personal touches. It is a wedding that will be remembered and talked about in many more year to come. Awesome job Nigel!
– La Pearl Weddings

We chose the same videographer Nigel Sia, and true to his talent, he did a great job capturing their love and personalities. Watch the little nuances and the way he times and edit the story…magic!
– Racheal Khong

Nigel goes about his work in a professional and discrete manner, yet somehow managed to capture perfectly all the big moments at our wedding, whether they were planned or off-the-cuff. We showed the videos at our subsequent UK reception, and an amazing number of the guests made a point of saying how impressed they were with their quality and composition. Hats off to you Nigel!!

– Elena

Thank you Nigel for the wonderful job done on our wedding! From our ROM all the way to the actual wedding. You have managed to capture everything so we can actually see and experienced what happened and missed on our day after all the the hustle and bustle has settled. We’ll always treasure this as years go by. Do keep up the good work! Will definitely recommend you to others. Looking forward to more of your great videos.

– Jinn Lin

He’s very dedicated in delivering the best work possible and I’m pleased with the video outcome. According to my wedding planner, he was at the venue since 7.30am to get ready for the video.

Another thing I like about Nigel is his understanding of my favourite angles and features. Yes, I’m rather demanding in that sense. The colours were lovely and he captured everything so beautifully, I teared while watching the video. *sniff sniff*

– Sue Lynn

I first got to know Nigel through a Crocs video making session back in 2010 and I’ve been viewing his portfolio ever since (through Facebook/Twitter updates). When it came to searching for a videographer, I sort of knew who I wanted without even scouting and comparing packages by others. I contacted Nigel and everything went from there. Was it too hasty of me? Nah, everything is great! Superb Full HD recording with clear and good audio recording too. Everyone loved the video captured and edited by him.

– Andrew Chiam

Dear Nigel,

I know I have said this a millionth times but thank you for the beautiful video. It was truly a blessing for Jarrod & I to have found you to capture our very special & memorable day. You really did capture all the little details and it truly reflects our beautiful day as it is. All our guests loved the video when we showed it at our wedding last weekend. We can’t thank you enough for this and please do also extend our sincerest gratitude to Stanley and Jason. May our paths cross again in the near future and all the best!

Poh Lin

I’ve said it before and I am saying it again. I just <3 your video! It is moments captured that even sometimes photographers might have missed. ;p And Nigel does choose the most appropriate songs for the clip and everything is just right. Can’t ask for more than that.

Thanks and hugs,
Clement and I (March 2012)

Dear Nigel Sia,

Our long waited wedding video highlight is finally done! Well worth the wait. :) Thanks so much for the wonderful video. You did a stupendous job! Both my hubby and I love it very much. I’m sure we will cherish this video for many more years to come.

I have received many compliments on our wedding video. It was beautifully captured and wonderfully put together. Thank you so much. You are truly gifted!

– Adele


Hi Nigel!

Thanks for the video! Gave me goosebumps watching it haha :) and so many people love it!

– Jan (via SMS in 2012)


Thank you so much Nigel for capturing the most precious moments! We love it very much! :)

– Stephanie


This certainly brings back memories! Thanks Nigel and team – we love the video!!!

– Han How


Rif and I have engaged in Nigel Sia’s videography services for our big day. I met Nigel about 2 years back, when he was working with my friend Michael in an advertising agency. I chose Nigel after watching his video – Mike + Shannon – Ask Again. Love the concept and storyline. Nigel understands my style quite well (after a short chat) and is open to suggestions. We talked about the wedding videos I’ve watched and liked, what I wanted in my wedding video and a little bit about Rif and myself. Nigel took notes and threw in a few ideas of his own.

– Sue Lynn


The extended highlights of our “little Big Day” – thanks to the amazing work by Nigel Sia. The day seemed to flash by so quickly that it’s nice to relive the day.

– Kaythaya Maw

Our wedding videographer Nigel has a gift for choosing all the right songs for wedding videos. He selected all there songs for our video and they were perfect for Rif and I. It goes to show that he understands the subject matter, or in our case, the people he was filming very well.  I love the outcome of our wedding highlights. Important details were captured and special moments were documented candid-style.

– Sue Lynn

Thank you Nigel Sia | Visual Storytelling for capturing our wedding memory. This is simply beautiful. <3

– Jacqueline

LOVE! Here is the little last minute video that the AWESOME Nigel Sia ninja-ed together the week before our wedding to play at our reception! We had so much fun shooting this little interview, retelling how we met and sifting through pictures, falling a little bit more stupid in love with each other and preparing our hearts for the wedding. It is silly, and sentimental, and features some of our favourite people and our dork selves.

– Racheal Kwacz