The Wedding Of Alan & Jacqueline

by Nigel Sia

It’s never a dull moment capturing someone’s special day.It’s a day where I love being in because
I am assured to be surrounded by unconditional love, laughter and most of all, happy tears.

Below are some screenshots from the video!

Alan & Jacqueline were one of those couples that was extremely friendly and laid-back and
I was more than happy to be part of their special day. They flew me in to Singapore for their
wedding day one day before so I could have the ample rest I needed for the next day. They took care of my
accommodation and transportation and made sure I was comfortable and taken care of the entire time.

This wedding was one of the rare ones that I had to be at the bride’s hotel room to capture her preparation before 6 in the morning.
It was indeed an extremely early start to the day. Jacqueline’s from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah who works in
Singapore while Alan’s from Singapore himself but you could see both families with different cultural backgrounds getting along swimmingly well.

But yet, throughout the entire day, you’ll see both Alan & Jac laughing all the time.
Really, ALL THE TIME. That’s true love right there.

Instead of the usual wedding dinner, they had a wedding lunch that was attended by
close family members and friends, it was really a simple celebration of love that I like very much. .

Jacqueline and Alan was still constantly looking out after me in terms of my comfort despite their busy
day entertaining their guests and constantly checking if everything was alright with me and did I had enough to eat or drink

By the end of the wedding as we bid our goodbyes, I felt a pang of sadness to be saying those words to them
because I had come to know them as friends. With such warm personalities,
they make you feel like a friend instead of just their ‘wedding videographer’ for the day.

This was also a special wedding close to my heart because it was the first wedding gig that my wife joined me
and assisted on the shoot. She officially joined my company, and she is full time managing it now with me.
Everyone please welcome Kel Li warmly and I have to say, for her first time assisting, she did a splendid job.

A big congratulations once again to you both! I wish you guys all the blessings for your
marriage and hope that you guys will cherish this film for many many years to come.

You can view this very happy couple’s video below:

Here are some Facebook responses when the video was posted by the bride herself:

A few days ago, I received what I would deem as a great start to the year 2013 in my postbox!
It’s truly rare to get snail mail nowadays with the modern technology we are so used too so I was pleasantly surprise!

Flying all the way from Singapore was a thank you gift from Alan & Jacqueline for me and the missus!

Thank you so much to the both of you. This warms my heart and certainly reminds me that
I have one of the best jobs in the world because I get to capture happiness and love all the time.


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