The Wedding of Alex & Jan

by Nigel Sia

A wedding is a joyous occasions where laughter and smiles are
never short off along with a few tears being shed here and there.
Most of the time you’ll see the father of the bride sniffling and wiping away some
manly tears or you’ll see the bride getting emotional at the

altar reciting her vows and sometimes, you even see
the groom grinning from ear to ear constantly
wiping happy tears from his eyes as he sees his
lovely bride-to-be glide down the aisle before him.

I’ve seen my share of smiles, laughter and tears with
different couples on their special day and
without sounding cliche, I am truly humbled to
be able to be part of a day that
marks such a significant moment in their walk
to the future they will be building together.

Weddings takes up the entire day most of the
time having a short break in between.
Whenever I get up in the morning to head to the bride’s
house on their wedding day, one of the many
things that I look forward too every single time,
is to see just how excited and happy the bride is.

When I arrive at Jan’s house in the morning to start
capturing her day as she and her girlfriends was
getting ready, Jan had a smile on her face the entire
time that lights up the room and a laughter that
was extremely infectious.

You could hear Jan laughing from her room, with her friends, with her
family almost every minute on her wedding day.
Jan is by far one of THE smiliest brides I have ever come across and it certainly
gives that extra nudge of encouragement for me as I worked.

Don’t believe me? Here are some (edited) video stills
from their wedding highlights – the actual video
can be viewed at the end of this post right way below.
Take a look at that smile. I bet you’ll end up smiling mid-way as you read!

During the entire wedding ceremony, you could see just why Alex and Jan found each other and decided
to exchange vows to spend the rest of their lives together. Their personalities intertwine with each
other so well that it actually makes your heart beat a little faster whenever you see how well they
complimented each other. Alex makes Jan laugh, ALL THE TIME and Jan’s incredibly cheerful disposition
leaves a mark every time he makes her laugh in his heart.

During the dinner, Jan’s father made a speech and he said a sentence that struck a deep chord within me.
It was a wonderful advice for the newly-weds and also a reminder for everyone out there.

He said:
“Fill your life with laughter, and always laugh heartily”

Because it is true.
Life without laughter isn’t as meaningful as it should be.

Laughter is important, especially with your family and loved ones.

It was also my turn to grin from ear to ear after receiving this wonderful text from Jan.

I am indeed glad to have been part of your life to help add more laughter as you watch back
your wedding videos. Thank you for having me.

View the highlight below!


Props to Stanley and Daryl
for being my co-pilots.

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