The Wedding of Chee Kiang & Jolene

by Nigel Sia

I got to know Jolene a while back through the wonderful world of blogging as
I’ve occasionally read her blog from time to time when she was actively blogging away.

We became acquainted and she has always been very supportive of my work when I started
out and even once told me that when she gets married, I’ll be her first choice.
Needless to say, I was beyond flattered. :)

Fast forward a couple of years later and I heard that Jolene got engaged to her childhood
sweetheart that she met at the age of 12. As we know, not everyone gets to marry their
childhood sweetheart and their first love at that!

And staying true to her words, she contacted me in wanting to know if I was available for
her big day that she had meticulously planned a year in advance and I was more than happy
to say yes and was really looking forward to it for a year.


So if you are wondering how Chee Kiang and Jolene met back in their teen years,
here’s a little short film I had the privilege to produce about them and their
long-distance relationship – be sure to check it out!


Their actual wedding day started out early in the day.
It was really nice to see Jolene and Chee Kiang’s family members
and friends all gathering at their respective places, happy and looking
forward to celebrating it with them. The gate-crashing games was
pure fun as Jolene’s bridal party got to put the guys through some
really intensive activities.

Here are a couple of video stills from their Highlight video (which can
be found right the end of this post) – be sure to look out for Chee Kiang’s squeaky
voice after inhaling some Helium in the video!

Their registration of marriage (ROM) was simply beautiful.

After a slight downpour, the sun came out once again
and greeted everyone who came to witness and celebrate
Chee Kiang and Jolene’s union.

And here is their Highlight video.
I really really loved their personal vows they wrote for each other, check it out
in the video below and do prepare some tissues if you are watching closely. :)

Thank you Jolene and Chee Kiang for having me and my team be a part of your special day.
I am thankful for the opportunity and I hope you both cherish this little film
I enjoyed putting together for the many years to come (and to show it to your kids too!)

Congratulations once again to you both!

Chee Kiang and Jolene’s awesome hand-drawn backdrop (above).
Click/tap here to see more photos from their photo booth!


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