The Wedding of Daniel & Adele

by Nigel Sia

What a cool couple this one was. Daniel and Adele were in love. I could see
it in their eyes and they are super duper nice people as well.
Upon reaching the hotel and seeing their decorations (they were doing some
parts of it themselves) I knew that their wedding would be a really unique story to tell.
They really put a lot of effort into making their special day unique and meaningful, which I love.

The day was pretty relaxed in terms of location as they had
everything done at the hotel – from the preparations to the ceremony and the reception.
Daniel and Adele both had different rooms on the same floor and it was really touching when
they received each other’s gifts and read their notes to each other.

Not many of the couples I’ve had does the gift exchange, so it was really interesting to see what the
both of them had gotten for each other and to hear their love letter to each other just before they both
walk down the aisle to promise and commit themselves for the rest of their lives.

Here are some screenshots of their video (watch the video at the end of this post!):

I personally adore the aisle runner!

Take a look at their video and perhaps listen to love notes they sent to each other! It was really endearing:

And here are some responses from their loved ones on the video:

Thanks so much Daniel and Adele for your great stories and having me capture your day. A big congratulations once again to you both!
I wish you guys all the blessings for your marriage and hope that you guys will cherish this film for many many years to come.


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