The Wedding of Derek & Rachel // Same Day Edit

by Nigel Sia

You know how they say that you will never fail to forget your first love?

A love that was so extraordinarily innocent, earnest and exhilarating you were so sure that you would be
marrying that person that gave you butterflies in your stomach?

Derek and Rachel are just that.

They had their eyes set for each other the minute they met and took their puppy love infatuation
and grew it together into a serious and committed relationship with a lot of nurturing, fortitude, understanding and care.

They knew they wouldn’t need to look any further than each other and had found their soul mate in the house of God.
Filled with warmth and love from both their families and friends, their day was nothing short of joy.
You could  just feel their genuine love and happiness glowing inside of them through their vows,
expressions and speeches made throughout the day – that made it a beautiful one.

Here are a couple of selected video stills with their Same Day Edit video at the end of this post, have a look!

Here’s their Same Day Edit:


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