The Wedding of Eddie & Candy

by Nigel Sia

Growing up I was taught about two most essential things to keep in life: faith and prayer.
When all else seemed to fail, always have faith in God and keep my prayers strong with Him.

I’ve always believed that when God created me, my life story was already written by Him.

My ups and downs.
My success and failures.
How my life would begin, become and come to an end.

I also believed strongly that just like everyone else,
He had already chosen that special someone to accompany me on my journey
that He has set out for me from the very beginning.

All in His time.

It may not be the first person I date.
It may not be the first person I fancy.
It may not be the first person I get into a serious relationship with even.

That person could have always been there in my life and I have never noticed.
That person could have come into my life, left and return again.

We will never know of His plans and timing.
But I know one thing for sure, and that is to continuously have faith that He
will send my partner-to-be when the time is right, and to pray for that person
my heart desires.

And that my friends, is exactly what Eddie and Candy did in their lives.

They prayed and kept strong in faith for that special person from God and
as I looked at them beaming radiantly on their wedding day, I couldn’t picture
any other two people who are more ready to get married to each other than the two of them.

Candy and Eddie were high school sweethearts. They were a beautiful balance to each other’s
yin and yang. Candy has one of those smiles that dazzle you a mile away, a bubbly persona that
everyone adores and not forgetting one heck of a singing voice. Eddie may look a little serious
but with his charismatic and good-humoured qualities, it’s no wonder he makes Candy laugh all
the time. He welcomes you with a hearty pat on the back and makes you feel comfortable
even when he meets you for the first time.

I showed the missus their wedding film that I am about to share with you in a moment below and
she started crying whilst watching it. I asked her why was she crying and she said that, Candy and
Eddie reminded her of just how strong faith and prayers can be as long as we never give them up
as He will never forsake us. She said that Candy looked absolutely stunning which I couldn’t
agree more and that the both of them looked so blissful and was bursting in God’s love.

Here’s a couple more of their video stills and you can view their wedding film right
at the bottom of this post :

Thank you Eddie and Candy for having me and my team be a part of your special day.
I am thankful for the opportunity and I hope you both cherish this little film
I enjoyed putting together for the many years to come.

Congratulations and God bless you both always! :)


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