The Wedding of Edmond & Erica

by Kel Li

I had the wonderful opportunity to have gotten to know not just Edmond and Erica but both of
their families on a more personal level. We were given the chance to shoot a pre-wedding video
with all of them and I got to know them so much more on the shoot date as they welcomed us
warmly into their home, sweetly offered drinks and constantly made sure we were doing alright
and stayed hydrated all the way through. They made us laugh so much and we felt so
comfortable with their presence during the shoot. Check out their pre-wedding video below.

I personally am in love with the delightful story of how Edmond and Erica laid their eyes on each
other for the first time and how they both fell in love.

It was as simple as love at first sight.

It happens you know. So don’t ever say it doesn’t exist. :)

Erica is the kind of girl, every single person on the planet loves and adores. She completely lights
up a room when she walks in. Her sweet smile and warm personality leaves such an incredible
vibe in each person’s life the minute they had their paths crossed with her.

I always enjoyed talking to Erica as she always says the more kind and nicest things to me on
messages and even in person, she never cease to go about her day without a smile.

It’s no surprise that Edmond fell completely in love with her the minute she walked into his
classroom during their college years and he knew, he just knew in his heart that was the girl he
HAD to get to know. That was the girl that was going to make all the difference in his life.

And so he, he romantically did. He copied her phone number from an attendance sheet that they
all had to sign and filled up for the class and contacted her the next day and the rest was history.

Erica couldn’t help opening up her heart to love Edmond and his boyishly good looks with the most
big-hearted and thoughtful persona that Edmond exudes. Edmond absolutely brightens up the
minute he is with Erica or the minute he sees her. There’s no denying just how much love
they have between them and how they are really each other’s best friends when it came to their relationship.

One balanced the other.

One complimented the other.

One completed the other.

Their special day was truly filled with so much joy and love that anybody that was present and was
part of their celebration no doubt felt their bliss. Edmond and Erica’s family was beaming from ear
to ear and they couldn’t be prouder of their two children finding the kind of love that we dream
about, that we read about in books and the kind of love that we know, it’s going to take them through for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a few more video stills from their day with their
Same Day Edit and Highlight right at the bottom of this post.

Have a look!


Here’s their SDE:

And here’s their Highlight featuring more from their reception:

Thanks again so much Edmond and Erica, your families and everyone else for making me feel so
at home together throughout your day. I wish you both all the blessings and happiness in your future together. All the best!


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