The Wedding of Hanie Hidayah & point8cam

by Nigel Sia

You’ve probably seen Hanie and Nasri’s solemnization next day edit if you follow my video work.
If you haven’t, I suggest to head over here to watch it first as this post is a continuation of their
wedding celebration that spanned over a weekend in September.
It would be a more complete viewing experience.

Their wedding reception was nothing short of spectacular.
From the décor to the events taking place that night,
it was the perfect wedding anyone could ever dream of.
You could feel the warmth and love from each family member
and friends that came to celebrate with them.
It was straight out of a fairytale.

Here are some selected video stills from their Highlight – as usual with the
video right at the end of this post. Hope you enjoy watching it!

Here’s their wedding highlight:

(If the above video does not load well, click/tap here to go directly to it.)

And a little something extra!

(Similarly, go here for direct video link)


Thank you Hanie and Nasri for everything.
I hope you like your highlight and would watch all the videos again
many years down the road to relive your big day!

See you both soon. :)

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