The Wedding of Hanie Hidayah & point8cam // Next Day Edit

by Nigel Sia

Hanie is the girl you read about in books that ends up stealing your heart away with her mischievous grin and
energetic personality that packs a punch. She’s laughs a lot, she loves her share of food, she sees more in life and
hopes to pack her bags and jet off into an endless adventure if she could.

However, realistically though she can’t just drop everything and go off, she ponders and loses herself in her
imagination about it whenever she can. She’s the girl you want to be friends with, have as a sister and certainly
take home as a wife to your parents with her charming personality coined with her ability to laugh at herself when
she stumbles on her pathway. Metaphorically and in real life.

Nasri or as more fondly known as point8cam isn’t a stranger to the creative scene. From having a strong passion of
filmmaking and skateboarding, he combined his two loves into one and is doing what he loves most for a living.
He’s the guy that remains extremely calm during a storm and still throws you a relaxed
smile and tells you that everything is going to be alright.

These two very different personalities came together on one unexpected day and from
strangers with time they grew a friendship. They say that one of the best things that can
happen to you is finding your best friend.

What if your best friend also turned out to be your soul mate?

Nasri and Hanie are one of those fortunate people.

They make each other smile and laugh all the time and most importantly,
they remind the world that a simple encounter one day can be exactly what fate had in mind.

Here are some selected video stills from their Next Day Edit – as usual with the
video right at the end of this post. Hope you enjoy watching it!

Here’s their Next Day Edit:

(If the video above does not load, feel free to click here to go directly to it)

***UPDATE : Go here to see their wedding highlight post***

I’ve had the opportunity to have met and known both of them on separate occasions, seeing them date
and then finally deciding to tie the knot, it was indeed an honour to not only be part of their day as they
embark on a new journey but to be also capturing their day was exciting for me.

It was beautiful.

Thank you Hanie and Nasri and I wish you both all the blessings and happiness in life.

See you both around real soon!

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