The Wedding of Jeff & Pam

by Nigel Sia

Capturing Jeff and Pam’s celebration of love was truly a fun-filled one.
Jeff is a happy and the cool silent guy and he has that charm that makes you want to get to know him more.

With his love for martial arts and stories that involves dragons, warriors, magic and fantasy –
you can clearly see on their wedding day how all of these elements came together very creatively.

Pam is a very jovial person and has that happy-go-lucky vibe that surrounds her.
The moment I met her, her charming personality will have
you bound to be smiling at the end of every sentence.
A little fun fact about her is that she plays the saxophone really
well and even had a little performance for Jeff at the reception.

They had really a lot of décor (and fun!) at their wedding venue – which I loved.

From really awesome bookcases as their backdrop to their very own ‘love story’ comic drawn
by a friend printed into a booklet for their guests.

Now I am sure many of you ladies and bride to be’s out there are acutely aware
about a little website called Pinterest. How I know about it is that partially the missus
is on that website almost 24/7 a day pinning photos uncontrollably. It was indeed helpful
in terms of ideas even when WE were planning our own wedding last year!
I have to admit, I got hooked a little on Pinterest and even opened up an account!

So, if you are on Pinterest, do follow my account here!
I pin my work there as well along with what wedding photos and decorations inspires me!

When I entered Passion Road on the day of Jeff & Pam’s wedding, I was gobsmacked
at the amount of decorations that was heavily influenced from Pinterest!
All these creative ideas that I’ve seen in photos were brought to life on their wedding day!
Loved how they also embodied their sense of humour into their decorations as well.

I love seeing them, their families and friends having so much fun on the day.
It just warms my heart to see them so happy. Such a wonderful celebration!

The entire time you could hear Jeff & Pam laughing heartily with their loved ones.
Trust me when I say the screen shots below that I’ve done does not do justice
just how beautifully happy they both looked (especially Pam with her contagious laughter!).
She also looked positively radiant!

My personal favourite bit of the night was when everyone at the dinner party got up
and started dancing up a storm through the night! They were even doing the Macarena
and the Congo line! It was mad fun and extremely enjoyable to capture!

And here is their actual day highlight:

And some Facebook reactions from here and there:

Thank you Jeff and Pam for your wonderful self and choosing me and
my team to be part of your life’s milestone even though in small way.

Hopefully this video will leave smiles and tears of joy for you,
your families and friends for many many years to come.


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