The Wedding of Joe and Racheal // Same Day Edit

by Nigel Sia

Racheal sent me an email easily about a year ago before her wedding took place sharing with me
just how much she enjoyed watching the wedding videos that I’ve shot and edited and I’ll never forget
the words that she used to describe how she felt because she said that my videos left her “in a hot mess”.

That simple email that she sent, little did she knew just how much that email encouraged me when it came
because I was going through a certain period of time in my life where I needed a little pick me up.
Don’t we all do sometimes?

Right away in the first email to me with such positive encouragement, she inquired my video services and
it didn’t take a whole lot of back and forth, I was booked for Racheal and Joe’s wedding for 2013.
Racheal already sounded friendly on her emails so when we finally got to meet up this year in preparation for
her big day, I wasn’t nervous but was rather excited to finally meet her in person and we had a blast
chatting away! It’s hard to actually NOT have a blast with Racheal with her outgoing personality and bright smile.

Days leading up to her wedding day, we also got together to do a pre-wedding video that had her and Joe share
their story to their friends and family members that was to be shown at their wedding dinner and let me tell you, even
when I was going through the footage of their pre-wedding video and listening to their story again intently, my eyes
got all misty. It was like listening to a real-life couple sharing their amazing love story from the movie ‘The Notebook’.
Okay, that last part of comparison was from the missus. I promise. Though I’ve watched The Notebook twice with her.

Check out their pre-wedding Love Story video, if you like:

Their actual day was really simple and easy-going. Joe and his entourage made his way to Racheal’s house along with
their guests from all over the world in their own private bus!

While that was going on, you could hear laughter erupting every 10 seconds in Racheal’s bedroom that had
Racheal getting ready along with her entourage of girlfriends.

Racheal couldn’t stop laughing when the games was going on outside her room that she kept getting up and
putting her ear to the door to hear what was going on and then scurrying back to her bed awaiting for Joe’s arrival.

Also, during the pre-wedding shoot, I asked Joe and Racheal to give each other secret messages in private and they had no idea
that I was planning to incorporate the secret message into their Same Day Edit!
I was trying to give the BOTH of them a surprise¬†at their wedding dinner! And I’m sure they were. :)

Here are some video stills taken from their Same Day Edit before the actual video embedded way below:

Be sure to grab some tissues while watching their SDE below, because trust me you are going to need one when it comes to
watching these 2 love birds share their love with the world.

And here are some of the reactions of their friends on Facebook,
after sharing the videos online:

Congratulations Joe and Racheal once again!

Stay tuned for their wedding highlight which will feature more
footage from their reception and the morning itself.

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