The Wedding of Joshua & Tiffanie

by Kel Li

Joshua and Tiffanie lived the kind of love story I adored reading growing up. They found a love that very
few people out there found in their lifetime. They ended up being each other’s first and last love in their life.

After a very-very long, challenging, emotional, enduring good 13 years of being together, they finally tied the knot.

Trust me when I say, the minute they announced their engagement, the first words on everyone’s lips
was “Finally” or “About time!”. Everyone couldn’t be more thrilled to finally being able to see these two
love birds walking down the aisle. Joshua and Tiffanie have been together for a total of 13 years and out
of the 13 years they had spent their entire time apart in a long distance relationship.

They had gone though unimaginable ups and downs throughout the relationship, bearing the obstacles,
figuring their way together but with Christ as their anchor and rock in the middle of their
relationship, all things was possible with faith, love and a whole lot of trust.

When I think of Joshua and Tiffanie’s relationship, it helps reminds me that with trust, with communication,
with compromise, with the willingness of wanting to love in a sacrificial way by putting your partners
needs before yours, every relationship always stands with a fighting chance to actually blossom and
“make it” to the finishing line. It is telling each other that you love them, flaws and all that you are taking
their hand to walk to the end of the journey together and that even with all the flaws in the world within
them, you can’t wait to witness and see what God has in store for the both of you and of His plans.

You can’t wait to see what and how God will mold them to be the man/woman He intends you to be
and you can’t wait to be right by his/her side when it happens to see the finished work.

They also remind me that despite having oceans apart, any issues can be solved as long as there is a
forgiving heart, a trusting heart, a loving heart, a lot of hard work and a willingness to try to make
things right as a team and that distance isn’t even in the equation posing as a setback in the first place.

I admit, when I watched their pre-wedding video as they told us and shared with us of how they met,
fell in love, got through their challenging times when being apart and how they got by and to see all of
their memories flash before my eyes of just how amazing their love grew over the years, I had tears
running down my cheeks. Dramatic, I know. But being the emotional sap I am, I couldn’t help but
loving their love. I couldn’t help but admire and love the persistence and commitment they gave to each other.

Watch their pre-wedding film here:

As I stood and watched Tiffanie walked down the aisle looking so incredibly radiant in her white dress,
I wiped a quiet tear away. (I get REALLY emotionally at weddings). She looked incredible not just
because of her stunning dress, classy hairdo or perfect make up but because she looked so
tremendously blissful. The way she looked at Joshua and gave her promises to him was touching.

The way Joshua looked at her as she walked down the aisle, you could see just how much joy and love
that was bursting from his heart and when he also stood and gaze at her promising his love for her,
nothing else in the room existed for them. We all melted and faded away into a distance for they
only had eyes for each other and they couldn’t wait to start their journey as man and wife and I have
no doubt that they will take on for whatever curve ball that marriage and life throws at them, they will
be able to get by it, with Christ in their marriage and their unfailing commitment and love for one another.

Watch their Highlight below and do prepare some tissues just in case! :)


Thank you Joshua and Tiffanie for trusting my team and I with our craft
and vision to express how we experienced your beautiful day through our work.

I am thankful for the opportunity and I hope you both cherish this little film
(and the rest of the collection!) I enjoyed putting together for the many years to come
and would watch it all over again many years down the road to relive your day!

Wishing you both all the happiness and joy in life! God bless! – Nigel and team


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The Majestic Hotel (Prep)


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