The Wedding of Justin & Kelly

by Kel Li

When I was growing up, my mom used to always tell me that what matters most is having inner beauty and to always-always treat people with respect and to treat people right. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy; inner beauty should and can be found in every single person and to sound like a cliché quote, everyone is beautiful in their own be it whatever size, shape, height, color they are or will mold into their adulthood.

Inner beauty to me is how you treat others and care for the people you have around you. It is also how you learn to sacrifice yourself to love and put other people’s needs before yours and is able to also love and care for those who are lesser than yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand friends on social media but what matters is the impact that you are giving others to genuinely love their existence in your life and to care for them through their ups and downs.

“Kelly does not have a single mean bone in her body” said Kelly’s MOH, the night of her reception. She proceeded to list out a list of things that embodies Kelly’s individuality and how her kindness towards people shines through so bright that it certainly attracted Justin towards her. Many people hope to seek for a love at first sight – over the moon – under the stars type of love in their life which is absolutely possible for some but not for everyone.

A lot of the relationships and marriages that I’ve known and seen personally were strongly developed through time with a solid foundation of friendship, communication and above all amazing inner beauty qualities. Every single time I ask each couple I meet of how they knew they were the right person for them to spend the rest of their lives with, they don’t start saying how beautiful he or her eyes are, or how radiant his or her skin is but they start to list out incredible virtues of one another. Some would say that she has been there for him during the tough times, or how unbelievably gentle and caring he is towards her family or even just how enduring she is with her friends and family or how hardworking and determined he is with his work and the amount of commitment that he invests in all of his relationships with people. Most of the time, they would list out beautiful merits that comes from deep inner beauty.

Justin himself is also a man of his word, a kind man who cares deeply for his friends and family and certainly compliments Kelly’s inner beauty. Besides having such charming qualities in their personalities, Justin and Kelly are also just as beautiful with their outer beauty! Justin with his hearty handshake and cheeky grin who is always up for a good conversation and Kelly with her exceedingly sweet smile and endearing laughter (who laughed at my lame jokes during our few meetings out of kindness – haha!) this two good looking couple radiates both ways, inner and outer and I couldn’t imagine two better people than them to end up together and spending the rest of their lives until they turn old and grey.

Watch their Highlight below:

Watch their Same Day Edit too!


Thank you Justin and Kelly for trusting my team and I with our craft
and vision to express how we experienced your beautiful day through our work.

I am thankful for the opportunity and I hope you both cherish this little film
(and the rest of the collection!) I enjoyed putting together for the many years to come
and would watch it all over again many years down the road to relive your day!

Wishing you both all the happiness and joy in life! God bless!Nigel and team


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