The Wedding of Kay & Denise

by Nigel Sia

Denise contacted me through email all the way from the UK where she and Kay resided.
She gotten my contact through my brother-in-law and was interested to have me capture her special day.
The interesting part was that, she actually contacted me and booked me 2 years in advance!
Needless to say when her day finally arrived, I was excited as I’ve been anticipating for it for such a long time!

Kay and Denise’s wedding day was an amazing one. With so many friends and family members involved from all over the world,
everything was very emotional. From the beginning of the day, through their church ceremony and finally at their reception,
there was a lot of joy and thanksgiving in the air from everyone

Their wedding video a specially edited extended highlight or ‘signature film’ I would like to call as it involves so many members of their
family, friends and multiple narratives – that made weaving them all together, truly exciting, challenging and indeed a first for myself.
With unparalleled raw emotions captured throughout their special day, I thank both Kay and Denise for the opportunity as I record
every bit of the drama that unfolded at their beautiful ceremony and reception held in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Denise and Kay had the kind of love that anyone would envy at the bubble that envelopes them.
You can immediately sense just how well they both fitted  and how they complimented each other.

It was indeed a pleasure hearing all the wonderful things that was shared during the speeches about Kay and Denise.
It felt like I’ve known them a little longer than I have.

Hope you have 17 minutes to spare and watch it. :)

Below are some screen shots of the specially edited extended highlight (with the video at the end):

Here are some  of the comments received when the video was shared!

Thank you again to the both of you for allowing me to be part of your special day!


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