The Wedding of Kevin & Mina // Same Day Edit

by Nigel Sia

I first received an email from Kevin last December inquiring for my videography services.
After a while of answering some of the questions he had, we set a date and time to meet them in person.
What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be that Kevin’s fiancé turned out
to be an acquaintance of the missus back in her university days.
The world just constantly reminds itself just how small it is these days!

Kevin and Mina was one of those couples you’ll feel comfortable immediately
upon meeting them and having a conversation with them within the first 30 minutes.
They were jovial and good-natured with a great sense of humour to boot.

The video far below was their Same Day Edit with a little surprise at the end of  it (look out for it!).
I love how both Mina and Kevin shared a little bit about their relationship with each other at their respective homes while
getting ready in the morning with a little help from their photographers who wanted to capture some honest moments.

Their sharing certainly adds to their story and what a fun day it was for everybody
from their families and huge bridal party (both sides) to come together and celebrate their union.
It was certainly an awesome day!

Here are some video stills from their SDE.
you’ll see just how much smiles were going around that day!

Their Same Day Edit:

Some responses from Kevin’s friends on Facebook:

Congratulations guys! Stay tuned for the highlights in May!


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