The Wedding of Kristian & Mellissa

by Kel Li

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have my path crossed with Mellissa years ago.  It was through the
blogging sphere that we made our acquaintance and exchange friendly hellos with one another.

Mellissa is never without the biggest and sweet smile on her face whenever I see her at events and our short
conversations are never without a warm hug and a kind word of compliment from her.

I remember clearly that most of our conversations, though short and brief at an event she had always
asked how I was doing and was sincerely interested to know just what I’ve been up to with my life
and I’ve always enjoyed the time I had speaking with her. We kept in touch on social media ever
since despite rarely seeing one another, but we chat quite a bit on our digital platforms.

Despite not knowing Mellissa on a very personal or intimate level, she’s pretty much an open book.
What you see is what you get. You can tell right off the bat the type of person she is.

You’ll know how big and generous her heart is, you’ll also be able to tell how determined and passionate she can
be with her goals and work and that when she sets her mind to something, she doesn’t stop until she achieves it.

I’ve always admired her from afar as I see her successfully progress from various  companies, hearing about her work
experiences and advises whenever we had the chance to chat and catch up
and it also motivates me to never give up on the path that I was on.

Mellissa never gives up. She chases what she believes in and above all, Mellissa believed in love.

She loves ‘LOVE’. The idea of it, the notion of it and she is never pessimistic when it comes to love.

Mellissa searched for it and she knew in the deepest of her heart
that she’ll know the right one when she found it and she found all of it in Kristian.

Most people spend a lifetime searching for the kind of love that Kristian and Mellissa have. The kind of love that knows
no bounds, that breaks all barriers and the kind of love that balances everything out.

Kristian laid eyes on Mellissa and knew how special she was and that there are so much more than meets the eye
and he knew she was special and will be special in his eyes for the rest of his life.

He knew that this was the girl that he was going to keep safe and happy no matter what it takes as
he proudly stood at the altar looking at her with so much love and grace in his eyes.

She ‘gets’ him and he ‘gets’ her and they were so blissful in celebrating the love they had found and
blossomed between them and will now vow to never stop loving each other
and to always stand by each other’s side for whatever comes, better or for worst they
know they can get through anything together as long as they have one another.

Thank you so much Kristian and Mellissa for having us capture and be part of your day!
The team and I wish you both all the happiness, joy and love in life! – Nigel


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