The Wedding of Mark & Deborah // Same Day Edit

by Nigel Sia

Deborah contacted me at the end of 2012 inquiring about my pre-wedding packages
and as she and my manager communicated,
Deborah ended up asking about my Actual Day package as well and the rest was history.

I’ll always remember Deborah because months leading up to her wedding,
she called my manager one day in a anxious state asking about my availability on another date due
to complications with her dinner venue and she was afraid we were booked up but as fate had it,
we were available!

We met Mark and Deborah over coffee and we couldn’t stop
chatting so much that we had to leave because Starbucks was closing for the night.

In the morning of their actual day, a cheerful Deborah greeted me along with her bridesmaids’
donning glittery gold dresses with head pieces that emulates the roaring 20’s and everything fell into place.

Take a look at some of the video stills below from their Same Day Edit and check out just how cheeky Mark smiles during
the gate crashing games as he endured his challenges to get to his bride in the video right at the end of this post.

Stay tuned for their wedding highlight
which will feature more footage from their
Christian ceremony and reception!

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