The Wedding of Nicholas & Rachel // Same Day Edit

by Nigel Sia

We were told that nobody is perfect but yet in life, we seek perfection.
We yearn for perfection.
The perfect job, being the perfect role model,
having the perfect life and most of all finding that perfect someone.

We carry a check-list in our mind and in our hearts when
we meet that someone, hoping he or she would be perfect enough
to have us check off the mental list we have made, complete.

We do all sorts of things to make sure everything goes smoothly and perfectly in the relationship.
Like, getting the perfect present or even organizing the perfect birthday celebration and many
more and we try our best to not let our flaws seep through the cracks of our façade as time goes by in fear
that they might leave if they were to see any imperfection.

We doll ourselves up, getting that perfect dress, that perfect cologne to impress,
that perfect hairstyle and we spend hours and hours to get everything just right.

But just what is “perfection?”
Who determines the merits of perfection?
What qualifies as being the perfect soul mate for someone?


Being perfect is by loving sincerely from the heart.
Being perfect is by giving them your everything.
Your time, your care, your trust.

Being perfect is by accepting each other’s differences – warts and all.
Being perfect is being there for one another during the hard and the good times.
Being perfect is not just about what others can see,
but what beauty we can see within ourselves.
What may seem perfect to some may not be
the same or deemed as perfect to someone
else because perfection exists in our own eyes.

Perfection is also the happiness we choose to make.
People say that sometimes there are
things that leave them without a choice.
I disagree.
We always have a choice.

We decide the outcome of things.
We decide as to what is happiness.
We decide how to be happy.
We decide how to love.
We decide how to accept.
We decide our own “perfection”.

And thus, Nicholas and Rachel found their own version of perfection and happiness in each other.

Nicholas and Rachel had an incredibly sweet and simple wedding day.

Surrounded by loving family and friends, their day couldn’t be more out of a happily ever after story.
Donned in pastel pink, the bridesmaids filled the day with giggles and laughter as they look at their
best friend looking absolutely stunning in her wedding dress with the utmost happiness for her that
she has found her perfect soul mate in Nicholas.

The grooms men with their hearty laughter looking exceptionally smart in their suits and pastel pink
tie to match, constantly gave words of encouragement and brotherly hugs and slaps on the back to the
groom as they also accompanied him at the altar waiting for his perfect soul mate, Rachel to walk down
that aisle to him as he stood there beaming and looking just so proud, of what God has blessed them both with.

Here are a couple of video stills from their Same Day Edit, with the video at the end of this post:

But first, here’s a special prewedding video of Nicholas and Rachel
that premièred before their church ceremony. Had tons of fun putting this together for them.
Have a look to know more about them!

And their Same Day Edit:

And finally, their Highlight!

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.
For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.


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