The Wedding of Paul & Stephanie

by Nigel Sia

It was such an amazing and beautiful day for Paul and Stephanie’s union.
Being such wonderful, easy-going and God-loving people, their wedding ceremony
was filled with so much love from their families and friends from all around the world.

Held at Passion Road, it was really nice and intimate and despite the
unpredictable weather, everything turned out fine just as planned.
I really enjoyed capturing their day and I love the spontaneous moments
during the reception like their dance and games played for their guests.

Stephanie’s speech about how good God was in having not letting
the rain ruined the wedding truly reminded me not to overlook
the little things and appreciate the bigger gift that God blesses us with.

The venue was decked out beautifully, arts and crafts that
were handmade by her sister as I looked in admiration.

Paul and Stephanie are one of the friendliest and easy-going couples
that I am blessed to have come across and known.
They made me feel like I’ve known them for years and as
I see the both of them exchange their vows it made
me so happy being able to be part of their big day capturing their moments.

This was a next day edit which was shown at their second reception
at Oriental Banquet. Glad that they both love it very much.

Below are some screenshots of their Next Day Edit!

Below is the video of the Next Day Edit:

Also check out their really cute interview session that they had in reminiscing how they’ve first met each other!

And some responses on Facebook :

Thank you Paul and Stephanie for having me and congratulations once again! :)


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