The Wedding of Shen & Ai San

by Nigel Sia

It was easily a week before their wedding day that I received an unexpected phone call.

Ai San was on the other end asking me if I was available for a music video shoot for her and
her fiancé’s bridal party that she would like to show at her wedding reception on 30 September 2013.

I met Ai San to discuss about her ideas and plans for the music video she had in mind
and time flew by easily when one is chatting with someone like Ai San.
Her friendly smile and sunny disposition makes just about anyone warm up to her easily.

One conversation led to another and before you know it, Ai San decided to engage me
for not just a music video shoot but also for her wedding day!

It all happened and was arranged so quickly and the few minutes I had when I met Shen the
groom to be later on, it was no surprise just how easy going he is along with a good sense of humour.

It was a fun day as we started out morning at the bride’s house and then making our way to Malacca
after Shen had gone through all the obstacles of the usual gate crashing games
as he brings his new wife home to his family for the tea ceremony.

Here are some video stills from 21 September 2013
with the video at the end of this post:

The day ended at Casa Del Rio with a special tea ceremony
and blessing event followed by an intimate reception.


The selected video stills below are taken from their KL reception
which was held at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur on 30th September 2013.

Here’s their wedding highlight which premièred that night:

If the above video does not load properly, click here to view it directly on my Vimeo page.


So what about the music video?

With very limited time available the next day (22 September 2013) in Malacca,
me and my assistant Justin spent the entire 3 hours in the morning shooting
the entire bridal party (12 of them!) together with Shen and Ai San against a blue screen.

It was a ton of fun!

Thank you Hani, Cerina, Yvonne V, Alicia, Yvonne T, Ai Chiin,
Tevis, Toshi, Chase, Wee Liang, Ting Luen and Joe for bearing with me!

Wouldn’t have pulled it off without your cooperation and good sport!

With the song already selected by the bride, we worked through each person’s
scenes based off a storyboard I had prepared earlier and here’s the outcome of that morning:

If the above video does not load properly, you can click here to view it directly on my Vimeo page.


At the KL reception, I also met a previous client of mine, Amanda – who are close friends with the groom.
Happy to see a familiar face!

View her wedding blog post here, if you like.

Thank you Ai San and Shen for sharing your day and trusting in me to capture it well!
Congratulations again and I wish you both a lifetime of  joy and happiness!

Ending the night with photographer Anna-Rina and her second shooter, YY.
Always love working alongside her and her team!


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