The Wedding of Wei Jien & Sue Lynn

by Nigel Sia

If you’ve been following my blog here, you’d probably seen Wei Jien and Sue Lynn’s ROM Highlights
and their Love Story already. Do check them out if you haven’t.

This is the follow-up to their celebration of love – their actual day!
So here are some video stills from their actual day highlights – view that at the end of this post.

Lovely shoes eh?

Sue Lynn getting ready in the room.

All set and waiting for Wei Jien to come.

Over at Wei Jien’s – he’s all suited up and ready to rock the day!

I love her shoes, don’t you?

Final customary touches before Wei Jien arrives.

Sue Lynn’s brother greeting Wei Jien as he steps down in front of her house.

Sue Lynn and  her ‘Ji Muis’ looking all innocent. Wait till you see what they had the guys doing.

Mischievous smile – it has begun!

Putting on makeup. This was after a rather ‘naughty’ game. Check out the video for some action!

The boys had to pay.

There was even live feed or was it being recorded?

See what I mean by rather ‘naughty’? Wei Jien had to wear the fake boobs all the time.

At the door, Wei Jien answers some questions wrongly. No stopping Sue Lynn from bursting out in laughter there.

The ‘Heng Tais’ cheering Wei Jien on.



Lots of love going about.

Wei Jien and Sue Lynn’s family.

Back at Wei Jien’s place – doing the customary veil opening.

Fully dressed in Kebaya, here’s Sue Lynn and Wei Jien’s family.

Giving ‘Ang Paus’ (red packets with a blessing token) to those younger than them.

Sharing another funny moment here with the girls.

Their backdrop at the reception.

Awesome table setting.

Took a photo of the photographers of the day – working hard are Mike, Spiel and Andy Kho.

Here comes Mr. and Mrs. Low.

Champagne pouring on stage.

Managed to grab a photo of my ROM Highlights and Love Story being played that night on the big screen.

Heartfelt speeches from them. Listen to some of it in the video below.

Sue Lynn said some funny stuff too.

Something about food in fridges.

Sue Lynn changed into three dresses that night. This is the second one.

Good times!

So, here it is – their actual day highlights:

A little excerpt from Sue Lynn’s blog :

Thank you for your kind words Sue Lynn! Read the full post here.

Some Facebook reactions as well:

Was running up and down on that day, I had Mike snapping this. Thanks man!

Thank you Wei Jien and Sue Lynn for the opportunity and
trust given to me to be a part of your day from the very beginning.

It was truly a good experience and I had fun along
the way as well. I wish you both nothing but the best and here’s
to many more years of love and joy in your lives.
Shall see you around soon!


Mad props to my team members – Ren, Joshua,
Jason and Stanley for working hard on this.
You guys are the best!

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