The Wedding of Wei Jin & Jessica

by Kel Li

It’s funny how God brings people together. I remember the very first time I ever heard of Jessica.

It was an email that she had send to us and was interested possibly having us for her special day.
We emailed a little back and forth and I didn’t hear from her then after a while. Couple of months later,
there I was seating in my car in Penang, my phone rang and it was Jessica who called all the way from Perth.

What suppose to be a simple phone call turned out to be an hour long and even then, it was hard for
us to stop gabbing enough to say goodbye and to end the call. Needless to say the phone call she made
was to tell us that she wanted Nigel and his team to be engaged for her wedding day and we were more than thrilled about it.

Jessica had booked us a year in advance and in that year, we bonded so very much. We were chatting
with each other on messages practically every week. Sometimes we would have Whatsapp or Facetime
calls and in the span of a year, a friendship was forged with Jessica and Wei Jin with us.

They were even kind and enough to then later on decide to have us film their prewedding film of their
love story in Perth by flying us and accommodating us there! During that time, we spent loads of
time with each other bonding and truly getting to know each other on a way more personal level.

Who would have thought a simple decision for a special event blossom a good friendship out of it?

But enough about how we met. This is about Jessica and Wei Jin’s love story. They met as mere
teenagers back in high school and Wei Jin was completely smitten with Jessica. He was the outgoing
and social butterfly who loved more than knowing new people while Jessica was shy and quiet
and was a complete opposite of Wei Jin. They shared a friendship and through the years, love grew and they fell in love.

It was also mostly a long-distance relationship and when they both shared with
us the hardships and challenges that they faced and had to go through and have made it to the altar
today, it’s so incredibly moving and encouraging and served as a good reminder that once one person
puts their mind and commit together with sacrificial love, anything can work and above all, for them with God’s blessing.

Here’s their prewedding film, made with love, below:

Jessica is the kind of girl that goes beyond the measures in the name of love and friendship.
Once she cares for you, nothing else mattered but you. Even if it means sacrificing her time,
convenience or happiness, she will do what it takes to protect you and show you are loved all the time.
Her amazingly big heart warms people over with her soft-spoken nature and is someone to have as a blessing in your life.

Wei Jin on the other hand, is also exceptionally considerate and thoughtful. He takes care of the
little things that we tend to overlook at times. He’s also very well-mannered and his smiley
disposition makes anybody who had just met him feels welcome. During our stay in Perth and
time spent, Wei Jin always made sure Nigel and I was fed and had enough rest and water to drink.
He was always checking on us to see if we were doing okay.

I think it was such a blessing to have our paths crossed with theirs.

If you had the chance to spend any time together with them, you’ll know just how much they both
adore each other and how much they love each other to bits. They get each other, they understand one
another and most of all they are willing to give up themselves as long as the other party is happy and loved.

If that isn’t the beautiful sacrificial love example I don’t know what is.

Jessica and Wei Jin is my kind of love story I adore reading about in my story books. They tell
the world that it is possible to find, fall in love and marry your best friend.

Someone who will be there for you through all ups and downs, love you the same or even more despite your flaws and
above all, love genuinely and remind each other that despite the odds being in front, love
does indeed conquer all if both parties are willing to put their shields down and just love.

Here’s their Same Day Edit below, with some surprises for the both of them. :) Have a look!

View their Highlight below!


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